Tuesday, August 19, 2014

UB Food Festival 2014

Hey Nerds,

So last weekend my sis and I went to UB Food Festival in Viva City. It was held for 2 days. There were so many people OMG  I didn't know our UB people such a passionate with food. First day we met our friends Indra and Tim, checked out London Pub and played beer pong. Unfortunately we lost. HAHAHA We were too full to more taste food but ate N&N Sweet Land. It was delicious. Second day we went with our friends Buya and Anu. Tried sushu, dumplings, Sri Lankan food and many delicious foods. This was my first time attending food festival and I really enjoyed the whole experience. We tasted so many different kind of food at the same time. Also you get to try bunch of fancy restaurant just in one day not spending too much money. I would definitely coming back next year for sure. Here is our vlog and few pictures. Enjoy

- B

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