Thursday, September 25, 2014

Three Things Thursday

I was reading Kati's blog (Almost Stylish) for the last few months and really inspired to do this weekly series called Three Things Thursday finally.
Today's theme "Vintage"

iPhone Gramophone
Something fascinating about vintage stuff. Gramophone is one of them. Whatever you're listening, through gramophone it sounds vintage. I found this Gramophone for iPhone from Restoration Hardware. So last year I bought it as a birthday present for myself. (Hey sometimes girl have to treat herself al'right? :P )

William Shakespeare's Hamlet
Another vintage. The first edition published for Penguin Books in 1980. Found it from Tobi Tobin's store. It was like $5 I think. Lucky me.

House of Witch
I don't know origin of this item. But my dad found this from friend's garage almost 10 or 15 years ago ( don't even remember) which is about to thrown away.  I don't know who made this or for what purpose, to me looks like witch's house. Very fascinating.


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