Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Moody post...

My boring life continues...until I found this song. Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
I listened this song first time when I was watching the film "The Swept Away". Today I found the name of the song and my first thought was "this is my wedding dance song!" 

And I thought I have to fall in love first! To be honest I never fall in love before. I had a few crushes but none of them was real love. I don't really try hard to find love or try to get to know people.
Anna and Declan
Strange feeling but after listened this song few more times I think I fall in love with my unknown future love. Weird but I'm kinda feeling love from someone I don't know or met.  Today is leap day. You know? You know the movie "Leap Year"? Most people think that movie so cheesy, just another chick flick. Yea yeah I get that but I love everything about that movie. 
Lizzie and Darcy
Does people really fall in love for each other just in one day? I want to fall in love with some random guy after spent one day together just like Anna in "Leap Year". I want to fall in love for the guy that I used to hate just like Lizzie Bennett in Pride and Prejudice. They just meant to be together from the beginning. They found each other and be together no matter what happens. You may think "haha that's just movie". But I believe it. I want to have love like them. I used to hate having boyfriend or don't like talking about love n stuff. But now, my heart is ready for something special, someone special. 
I wanna fall in love. ❤ I'M READY

 I want to feel that happiness, sadness, I want to feel "that" broken heart feeling. 

And I will play this song for my first Dance at My Wedding

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