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Hello fellow nerds,

Today I'm doing LIP PRODUCT ADDICT TAG. The other day I saw post by Anu Harchu of A 'LIFE' BLOG. And I considered myself tagged in :P I think she was one my inspirations to get more red lipsticks. Anyways here goes my favorite, not so favorite and "products to" try list.


Lip Balm - (MALIN + GOETZ) Mojito Lip Balm
I need my lip treatment cause I have extremely dry skin. My lips are like always chapped its so annoying. I think I've tried every mainstream "good" lip balms. Maybe it's the weather I don't know, Mongolia has very very dry weather, its super dry in 364 days a year even though it rains its not enough.  So the product I'm loving lately and really doing wonders to my lips is from (MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito Lip Balm I never heard of this brand before Michelle Phan's Ipsy's January bag. Lemme tell you, this is the product I've been waiting all these years! HAHA anyways yeah this product is great, it's not that greasy or not that shiny. I just love it.
Price: $12 - And I think its inexpensive for this good stuff (Buy its here)

Lip Balm - SMITH'S Minted Rose Balm
And I think you noticed now that I like mint products on my lips. This cute little lip balm, I got it from Sephora. It's just fun product to throw in your makeup and apply it before lipstick. Nothing fancy or extraordinary it just does its job.
Price: $7 - Buy it here

Lip Scrub/Polish - FRESH Sugar Lip Polish
When it comes to exfoliate my lips I used to use my face scrub but I was feeling little fancy and tried this product. It's from FRESH. It does what it said on the package. It contains pretty much every oils that need to restore damaged skin - Meadowfoam seed oil, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil and Shea butter.
Price: $22.50 - Price wise it is kinda expensive but little goes a long way. Buy it here


Lipstick - LANCOME Rouge in Love 181N Saint Honore - deep warm red

Here's me wearing the Rouge in Love 181.  
Ever since Emma Watson starred in the commercial I was completely in love with the line. Even though I never tried it, but I knew this lipstick was amazing. Yes, It is high end brand and it is expensive. I wish I could own every single color of this line. This shade 181 is what true red color means. It's matte and also super creamy doesn't make your lip Gobi desert.  Everytime I wear it I get lot of compliment. Girl if you need go-to red lipstick get this one. And thank me later.
Price: $28.50 (Buy it from my fav store Sephora here) (Or from LANCOME online store)


Best luxury lipstick #1 - MARC JACOBS BEAUTY LoveMarc Matte Lip Gel - 142 Pout matte soft nude
I absolutely adore everything Marc Jacobs does. When he comes up with the beauty products I was jumping up and down. (Finally something I could afford to buy :P haha no seriously~~) I love this matte lipstick, like every fashion girl, we KNOW everything matte is on trend right now. This color is perfect nude for my skintone, I use this lipstick almost everyday. Somedays you don't want wear makeup but also you don't want to look sick. So this lipstick is perfect for everyday look.
Price: $30 Umm hello?! It's Marc Jacobs! (Buy it here. They have 5 different matte colors and tons of different shine finish gels too)

Best luxury lipstick #2 - URBAN DECAY Revolution Lipstick - Anarchy bright fuchsia

First of all, I'm not bright pink or fuchsia kind of girl. But I attracted to the name of it. ANARCHY! It first reminded me of Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the U.K" song. If Nancy Spungen(Sid's girlfriend) were alive she would totally wear this color. I love this color because it make feel young, free, grunge(in a rock way) and punk rock.
Price: $22 (Buy it here)

Best drugstore lipstick - POP BEAUTY Pouty Pop Crayon - Rose Romance

It's simple nude with pink toned lipstick. Good for everyday look. Got it from Ipsy's July 2013 bag
Price: $8 (Buy it here)


Lipstick - MAC COSMETICS Viva Glam Rihanna frost
Unfortunately I'm not an expert of MAC. I own only 3 product from MAC. And my favorite one is Viva Glam collection Rihanna's frost. This feels so glamorous. This collection also has the lipgloss. Which goes well together with the lipstick.
Price: $16 (Buy it from MAC)


Lipstick - NARS COSMETICS Matte lipstick Honolulu Honey nude
I think to me this was the most disappointing lipstick ever. For high end brand like Nars this product felt like chalk doesn't go with my lip. It's super super dry. I slapped really thick lip balm before applying this lipstick but it keep drying out my lips. And after few minutes it gives you weird white lines. Not recommended at all.
Price: $26 (Sephora)


I own only one lipliner. I don't use it at all actually, it's more like souvenir. So to me no. Guess I'm not used to applying lip liner or I'm too lazy. Everytime I line my lips I look like a duck. or Steven Tyler or Mick Jagger I dunno :P


I don't wear that much gloss anymore. But when I do it's always on special occasion. My favorites are FRESH Sugar shine lip treatment
Price: $18.50 (Sephora)
MAC COSMETICS Rihanna Viva Glam Tinted Lipglass
Price: $15 (Right here)


If you don't want to look dead just apply this on your lip and cheek and VoilĂ ! you're alive.
Price: $30 (Become alive Here)

Recommended Luxury lipstick - MAC COSMETICS Morange
Price: $16 (MAC Lipsticks here)

Recommended Drugstore lipstick RIMMEL LONDON Lasting Finish KATE MOSS color 12 orange
Price: $5.49 (Rimmel London Kate Moss is here)

Orange color is so in this year. I recommend two of my favorite orange colored lipsticks. It's such a fun, bright color I think - when you wear it with the right outfit anyone can pull off orange colors.

And I tag you! Leave me the link of your post or name of the addicted lipsticks in the comment section.


PS: In case you're wondering what is that black container with raven on it. These candles from Tobi Tobin. These are Romatique and Baroque ones. Check out Tobi Tobin here. They sell amazing luxury chocolates too. The packaging is so cute! :P
Tobi Tobin Candles 


  1. I got obsessed with Rouge in Love after Emma was featured in it too.

    Both of our disappointing lipsticks are nudes. Ay? Does that mean something?

    Thanks for doing the TAG with me.

  2. You have such a great collection of lip products!!

    Have a great week,

    1. Omg! Thank you for checking out my blog. I love yours. Thank you Kati ;)