Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Favorites 2012

Hello all nerds, 
I was just thinking and thinking what should I upload for next post and decided to do monthly favorites on first few days of the month from now on. What do you guys think? My September favorites are looks like this so far :P

Comic Book
I am reading comic books last few weeks. And I tell you I'm obsessed. You can tell I'm really into comics that uploaded few comic book reviews from my Goodreads page to my blog. Currently I'm reading Batman: The Long Halloween :)

 CutiepieMarzia and Pewdiepie

Pewdiepie and CutiepieMarzia are Youtuber couple. I looove watching Youtube videos and beauty tutorials. I always watch FineBros' Kids/Teens/Elders React series videos. And in one episode of Teens React they reacted to Pewdiepie. Since then I become a true Bro and part of Bro Army. When I discovered Pewdiepie, I discovered CutiepieMarzia. And then I became true Marzipan ;)

Pewdie has gameplay channel and Marzia has beauty channel. I just love watching them both. If you haven't seen them go and check out their channels tons of fun. Their Youtube channels : Pewdiepie CutiepieMarzia 
Pewdiepie and CutiepieMarzia

Green Tea
As much as I love green teas, this is not about green tea. It's song called Green Tea by Observer Drift you silly ;)
I discovered this new artist while watching CutiepieMarzia's Youtube Channel. For some reason I feel happy and calm after listening his music. No kidding true though. Just listen his song Green Tea below. You'll be amazed how awesome his musics are. Observer Drift's Bandcamp page

Who doesn't love coffee right? But I really really started to like brew coffee at home instead of buyin itg from outside. But trust me I love my Starbucks Double Pump Peppermint Cappuccino. I can try different types of milk, honey, cinnamon or Nutella whatever I want to add. My current love is Starbucks Anniversary Blend. It has strong spicy taste.   

Never been a video game fan but I guess I am now. I started playing the Started Edition. I can now understand gamers mind. Will start the full edition soon. EXCITED! 

What's your favorites of September?

Keep smiling and have a wonderful October Nerds. See you all in next post.

-Nerdie B


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    1. I realized I sent you guys' the most light coffee. Next time I'll send this one :)

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