Friday, September 21, 2012

My first ever "business" card

Hey Nerds,
I hope everyone know about About.Me right? It's like collection of all your social networking sites. Mine is I don't know since when, but they started working with site called And they offer free personal card based on your about me pages. I got so interested (since I am obsessed with social network) I ordered my card two weeks ago. It's free but you have to pay shipping fee. And they came today! OMG! AWESOMENESS! Check this out.

My card is also printed in eco-friendly paper how cool is that? I can honestly say that these cards are way better and cheaper than the other business card printing places out there. Looks like aside from business cards have personalized stickers!!!!(OMG), postcards and accessories too. Can't wait to order more.  

-Nerd B