Sunday, August 14, 2011

Here comes the dark side of me....

I think I'm addicted to Sterbend. Recently I discovered I'm really into Black Metal. When I listen them strange thoughts just shoot in my head. And I feel really good when listen them, all my anger depression negative thoughts just spread into air. In reality, in real life I don't get angry that much, I usually be nice to people. When I get angry I just keep it to myself. So I guess I expose my dark side into music. 

I have this crazy thoughts and strange interest for so many years. I like reading about famous death, disappearance and mysteries stories. The ghost stories, supernatural, paranormal world always fascinates and scares me. I have a confession to make. I always thought want to visit cemetery. It doesn't mean I want to lie there I just want to look around see historical people's graves. It doesn't mean I'm not a freak in developing. I'm very happy with my life and love life so much. No need to worry I'm not suicidal. I just want to visit Oscar Wilde's kiss filled grave, Michael Jackson's grave and Bruce and Brandon Lee's,...John Lennon's? I don't know what really attracts me it's just like historical building. Everybody love to see Egyptian pyramid right? Then for me I want to see Oscar Wilde's grave. Two years ago my friend I were talking "Let's go and take photography around cemetery." But my other guy friend suggested that It's not a good idea. Cause his close friend died recently. He did suicide because he was obsessed with taking pictures of deaths and graves. So we decided not to. But that cemetery attraction haunting me again.

Enough with grave cemetery talking. Back to Sterbend. You should definitely listen their Dwelling Lifeless. Amazing album. I've been had their album for two years. I don't know why I listened them before. It was amazing. Their song relaxes me. I don't have any news about them lately. Hope they working on new stuffs...
"I put no value on sunshine and sparkling fountains.

I love the darkness and the shadows, where I can be alone with my thoughts.

Time is an abyss, a thousand nights deep.

Death is not everything, it is much worse. Can you imagine that they survived for centuries, and witnessed every day the same vain things?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just some random thoughts: I'm thinking about someone....

We haven't met that many times. But I'm still thinking about you.. No chance for me but...why I didn't take that chance? You gave me chance but I didn't take it.
I remember that you told me about your "exes" LOL kind a funny.
Our last meeting was disaster. I just ran away...silly me. It's because of your friends. They were too loud. I thought we're gonna spend the time together, JUST the two of us. I'm not a talker that's why I left. You're friends must've been thought "What a weirdo?" But who cares I am a weirdo...
Photo: All Rights Reserved by Shahrzad Ranji
You know why I like you? You  know what? I don't know. haha What a great answer.
You're funny, serious, tall, brave, smart, handsome and coolest guy I ever met. I see you everyday...of course in Facebook. Cause you're always there.
I remember we promised each other something. I'm not gonna write it here because we both know what is it. I know we'll meet soon. Then will you give me second chance? 

And yes, you have my something. Give me my glove! :P