Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just some random thoughts: I'm thinking about someone....

We haven't met that many times. But I'm still thinking about you.. No chance for me but...why I didn't take that chance? You gave me chance but I didn't take it.
I remember that you told me about your "exes" LOL kind a funny.
Our last meeting was disaster. I just ran away...silly me. It's because of your friends. They were too loud. I thought we're gonna spend the time together, JUST the two of us. I'm not a talker that's why I left. You're friends must've been thought "What a weirdo?" But who cares I am a weirdo...
Photo: All Rights Reserved by Shahrzad Ranji
You know why I like you? You  know what? I don't know. haha What a great answer.
You're funny, serious, tall, brave, smart, handsome and coolest guy I ever met. I see you everyday...of course in Facebook. Cause you're always there.
I remember we promised each other something. I'm not gonna write it here because we both know what is it. I know we'll meet soon. Then will you give me second chance? 

And yes, you have my something. Give me my glove! :P

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