Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let's review 2015! + Purple eyeshadow look

2015. Another year has passed and life goes on...

How was 2015 worked out for you? My birthday was in last December. I dyed my hair purple. Now it faded to grey. I'm digging this look but i'm having some "rootage" situation lol

No filter or anything

Looking back at 2015, it was year full of goods and bads. I honestly think it was one the special years of my life. As you all know I got new puppy! He's growing up too fast. My Calvin is 4 months old now. Stinky little destroyer!
1 month old
4 month old
In 2015 I decided to film more videos and be more active in my blog and youtube channel. I'm very happy about that, will try to continue do that in 2016.

What else happened in 2015?
I did ballet for 2 years and quit last year. Don't get me wrong I love ballet but you know life happened and couldn't continue. I miss it.
With my friend Uugii
Good times
More pictures from 2015
My Sissy and I at friend's wedding
This year's Playtime Festival was absolutely amazing! Had awesome time. I did a separate post about Playtime right here.
This year's Playtime Festival with my friend Kherlen
So for the new year's I filmed a new video with talkthrough in Mongolian. Using my new Urban Decay's Vice palette. Hope you all like the video. Cheers!