Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October Favorites 2015

Hello everyone,

Another month passed. November will be new beginning bla bla lol anywayyys. October was this year's best month!! Cause I got little puppy!! His name is Calvin he's such a cutie. How was October for you? Anything interesting happened?

Meet the newest member of our family. Calvin. He's so cute OMG! I've been wanting to have dog for more than 15 years aaaand finally got it. Having pet is a big commitment. It's like baby. Here are some pictures. By today he's 2 month old, Happy 2 Months Old Little One!

My hair

I dyed my hair pink and purplish and I'm loving it. I always wanted to try crazy colors because once you get older I don't think it's appropriate. (Just my opinion here) I got bunch of compliments for my new hair, only downside was electric colors just washes out quicker or fading is more noticeable than other colors. So you have to maintain the color and dye it every two weeks or three.

Products I used:
Wella Color Charm Powder Lightener
Wella Color Charm 20 Vol Cream Developer
Wella Color Charm Toner T18 White Lady
Color Brilliance Brights Purple 305083

Favorite song: Hello by Adele

You've probably heard and joined the bandwagon already. Adele is back biaches!
I'm listening Hello everyday. I loved 19 album when it came out now listening Hello was bittersweet. Good and sad memories. But I love you Adele!! I just cannot wait to listen the whole album.

Favorite beauty item: Coconut oil

Have you noticed there has been huge coconut oil craze on Pinterest? According to Pinterest, I guess you could just live with coconut oil without almost any beauty item. You can use it on your face, hair and body. I tried on my face, even thou my skin is extremely dry coconut oil wasn't that amazing. But it did wonders to my hair. You know my hair is already damaged by so many bleaches and hair coloring. On top of that my scalp very dry just like my face. I used coconut oil two times a week, 2 hours before washing my hair. And it helped me to get rid of dandruff, itchyness and split ends. So I would recommend using it for your hair.

Favorite make up item: Slayer lipstick by Kat Von D

I had this lipstick over an year and never wore it outside. But since I dyed my hair I'm rocking black lipstick. Feeling fierce as fuck! LOL You should too girlfriend! I'm obsessed with everything Kat Von D do. Tattoos, music, her crazy shoe collection and her make up line. Her make-up line products are absolutely amazing, great products. This particular lipstick is very moisturing doesn't dry out your lips. I would highly recommend it.

Favorite fragrance: Lola by Marc Jacobs

Again inspired my new hair color. These days I'm just reaching for my LOLA by Marc Jacobs. Whatever I'm wearing or where I'm going I think about myself and think Lola would smell like this.

Hand model is my sis BTW :)

Favorite movie: Wild

Recommended by my friend Nomin Enkhbaatar. I loved this movie and story behind it. How shitty your life become there's always way. You just have to find it, if you can't find just go for a walk or hike. :) I would strongly recommend this movie! Reese Witherspoon did amazing job.

That's all for last month's favorites. Hope you all enjoyed.