Wednesday, October 7, 2015

September Favorites 2015

Hey guys,

September was good. Honestly I don't know what to write. I really wanted make a video but it didn't work out maybe next month. Here's my September favorites.

Favorite song: Insane by Flume Ft. Moon Holiday

This song is everything. It was in my other favorite this month The Sisterhood of Night movie soundtrack. I am so good at being alone and listening this gave new meaning to loneliness. Pleasurable loneliness. You know what I mean? If not let's move on to the next..

Favorite tv series:  Mr.Robot 

USA Network
This series is about this hacker who wants to take down "Evil Corp" the biggest conglomerate corporation by erasing all the debts of the world. While he struggles with anxiety, delusion and depression, try to recognize what's real and what's delusion.

Favorite game: Until Dawn 

Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainmment/Supermassive Games
Mr.Robot lead Rami Malek plays Josh in this game. Horror genre game, very interesting. If you liked Heavy Rain or The Last of Us, this game is your next choice.

Favorite movie: The Sisterhood of Night

Courtesy of Freestyle Releasing
Honestly I didn't expect to like this movie. I've been watching so many horror movies this month. Some reason I thought this was a horror movie but it wasn't. It was so unexpected favorite of mine, gave me many thoughts. I suggest you to watch this movie and soundtrack is amazing too.

Husband Club : Rami Malek

Isn't it obvious now? I was obsessed with him the whole September. He's American actor born to Egyptian parents and has 1/8 Greek descent.  He was in Twilight: Breaking Dawn and Night At the Museum. And he has twin brother which means there's 2 of them. Welcome to the husband club Rami!

Favorite book: Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson 
I've never heard about this story up until 2013 when there was an advertisement of this musical at Pantages theatre in LA. Ever since then this book was in my to-read list. 2 weeks ago I was wandering through book store in Ulaanbaatar and noticed it translated into Mongolian and so I got it. It's about this doctor who has split personality disorder and one good and other evil characters.

I think that's about it. I don't have any particular food or makeup product that I like. Just same old, same old. Hopefully next month will be exciting.

You know it's freaking HALLOWEEN is coming!!!

Share me your monthly favorites I love reading and watching them.


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