Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Blog I guess...

Today was disastrous day! I mean I dunno... I went to school for our ASB(Associated Student Body) meeting and haven't talked that much. Just sat there and ate raisin cookie. Damn why am I so not talkative???? Anyways whatever first post is for disaster day? NO WAY!

Ok my name is B. I'm quiet person. Most of the times I don't like to talk. I just like to listen and write. Here goes my little bio:
Music - I love to listen doom metal, heavy metal, indie rock and pop music.
Movie - I love horror movies especially thriller stuffs.
Instrument - I started playing guitar and piano.
Drink - White Chocolate Mocha, Tea
Food - Anything with beef! I just love beef
Artist - Edvard Munch for sure., He was genius. Damn he's paint "Scream" is just awesome.
Clothes - Lil bit edgy but stocked to the grunge

Recently I just became fan of Rick Genest. He's the guy who played in Lady Gaga's Born This Way video. He's so hot! That dude is I mean I can't find the words. I just can't handle his extreme attractiveness...LOL

Oh....I'll continue later

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